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8:00 AM - 12:00 PM


The KID’S CLUB staff at Xcel Fitness would like you to know how much we enjoy having your children come and use the KID’S CLUB. We continually strive to make the playroom a place where your children feel comfortable and enjoy coming. So that we may work together in this endeavor we want to remind you of our policies and procedures.


  1. Registering: You must sign your child IN and OUT. If someone other than you will be picking the child or children up please let the attendant know.

  2. Time: Children may not be left longer than 90 minutes.

  3. Prices: Unlimited childcare use may be included in the cost of your membership. If you choose not to include childcare in your membership, visits will cost $6.00 for the first child, $4.00 for each additional child. Visits for non-members are the same.

  4. Age Limits: 3 months up to 11 years old.

  5. Food in Playroom: DO NOT bring food into the playroom and GUM is not allowed.

  6. Returning Children to Parents: Please do not bring your child to the playroom if they have a cough or a runny nose. If your child is too sick to go to school they are too sick to come into the playroom.

  7. Parents MUST remain on the gym premises while their children are in the playroom.

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