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Personal Trainers

At Xcel Fitness in Bend, Oregon, we believe that fitness is for everyone. Our certified personal trainers, Tyler, Moriah, and Jessica, are dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals safely and effectively. With their expertise, you will receive personalized training that is tailored to your needs and abilities. Our gym trainers will motivate and support you every step of the way, ensuring that you achieve the results you want.

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Xcel Fitness Personal Trainer

My name is Moriah and I have been lifting and training for 6 years. I firmly believe that fitness is the ‘Step-one’ to a better life. You build confidence, strength, a positive mentality, and so much more, all with a healthy outlet that will propel your life forward, from the inside out. Fitness looks different for everyone; strength training, athletics, running, hiking, yoga, etc., but it all benefits each person the same. My goal is to figure out what works best for YOU! Your goals, your activities, your needs, all to help you build your life up and guide you into chasing even higher goals with confidence.

Xcel Fitness Personal Trainer

Hi there! My name is Tyler Nice. While Nice Physique LLC has only been in operation for a short while (2022), I have been helping athletes and every-day people achieve their fitness goals for over a decade! I believe Fitness won't just change your physique, but your entire life. Become the strong, confident person you were meant to be! Get started with your free gym trainer consultation!

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Xcel Fitness Personal Trainer

Hey there, my name is Jessica Jones. I've lived in Bend, Oregon for over 21 years and have been involved in fitness most of my life. I am a 12-year Army Veteran with two college degrees and numerous fitness certifications, including 350+ hours of Yoga Teacher training. I have a wide array of knowledge with body mechanics, and through my personal experiences, the mental fortitude that it takes to build and maintain strength, muscle, and discipline. Each and every workout is personalized to fit your specific needs AND goals, helping you to move past any preconceived barriers to achieve the transformation you desire! Come find me... BETTER BALANCE FITNESS

“Great Staff very helpful and wonderful personal training programs to fit whatever needs you have. It's a great place to get fit and healthy.” ~ Renee G., Bend, Oregon

“Xcel Fitness is a great gym!  The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, the facilities are clean, and there is a wide variety of workout equipment to choose from. I also highly recommend Jaelyn Israel as a personal trainer.  She is very supportive, professional, and she makes workouts challenging, yet fun.” ~ Jessica L., Bend, Oregon

“Best gym in Bend. Excellent staff, trainers are available, and a nutritionist too. And it's all affordable. You won't regret joining.” ~ Kenneth J., Bend, Oregon

“I’ve been a member since 2018 and I absolutely love this gym! The staff makes great attempts to know the members on a more personal level. They update their equipment frequently and provide a great experience. The members are all friendly and willing to help out!” ~ Olivia C., Bend, Oregon

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